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Welcome to the world of NoStik®, where we want to preserve the pleasure of cooking without the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. We understand that cooking is not just about creating delicious meals, but also – and above all – about enjoying precious time with family and friends. Thanks to our innovative and reusable non-stick products, cleaning the oven, toaster, barbecue, grill, etc. is a thing of the past. We have developed the perfect solutions to make your cooking experience effortless and enjoyable.

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Prevent Grease Stains

Use the NoStik® splatter screen

Discover the ultimate kitchen aid for grease-free cooking and baking. The NoStik® solution makes cooking without oil or butter possible, prevents sticking, protects the oven, baking tins and baking trays, and ensures quick and effortless cleaning every time again and again. Experience the ease of healthy cooking without compromising on taste and efficiency.

Reusable baking sheets as an alternative to classic baking paper?

Use NoStik® reusable nonstick baking paper in your air fryer!

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Why the NoStik® reusable non-stick range deserves a place in your kitchen


Less waste, because you can reuse our foils up to 35 times (and more). Cleaning? That's a breeze too!


You can bake and fry without any butter or oil. This makes fat-free eating super easy.

Delicious (and safe)

Your dishes are always perfectly crispy thanks to the ideal heat circulation.

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Have you ever thought about toast & grill bags that keep your toaster or grill clean so that you can make a delicious croque monsieur without any hassle? Also perfect for a gluten-free diet.

Did you know that your frying oil lasts more than 3 times longer thanks to this NoStik® fryer filter? Cut to size, reusable and heat resistant (260°C). Keep those snacks coming!

Say goodbye to a dirty oven with this oven protector from NoStik®. Reusable convenience for anyone who likes to cook but doesn’t like to clean… 

Less cleaning - more cooking?

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